In the 1970s, Mr Koh Hock Bin, then a young chap learning the ropes of Hong Kong Dim sum beside a Bak Kwa shop.

Due to a shortage of manpower during the festive season, the chef of the Bak Kwa shop roped in the help of Mr Koh to prepare Bak Kwa and he was soon recognised to be a talented hardworking young chap. The chef asked him to stay on and passed on his traditional Bak Kwa recipes.

Having inherited the traditional recipe of bak kwa from his master, Mr Koh adapted new and improved ways to produce the bak kwa years later and established his name under Xi Shi Rou Gan / Cecilia Minced Pork since 1985. From then on, he has insisted on using charcoal smoke house in the production of Bak Kwa even though machines are more commonly used today.