Monascus Bakkwa

Eat into a healthier Chinese New Year by bringing home this product! Home-made monascus rice wine marinated into hand-sliced pork to enhance the fragrance of the monascus rice. Monascus rice, also known as Red Yeast Rice, contains Monascus purpureus which is a type of medicinal fungus that helps with reducing cholesterol level.

Duck Bakkwa

Instead of using minced meat, this duck bakkwa is made from the fleshiest part of the duck - the duck breast and it is hand-sliced to be made into such a premium product. For those who avoids duck meat due to its sandy taste, will find themselves loving duck meat again with this bakkwa, as natural herbs are added into the recipe to let your taste buds enjoy the sweetness of the duck meat bakkwa without any worries.

Chicken Seaweed Sesame

Roasted sesame and seaweed marinated into minced chicken meat and spread onto bamboo trays to be transformed into mouth-watering and fragrant Japanese-styled bakkwa. First in Singapore to achieve this flavour. Popular among kids and youngsters.

Paper-wrapped Chicken

Chicken thigh meat marinated with a traditional HongKong-styled sauce and baked to perfection. Most places sold this item by deep-frying but our paper-wrapped chicken are freshly baked from the oven. Oven-baked helps with less grease and locking in of the juiciness from the chicken thigh meat. A traditional dish losing its existence.

Handmade Sliced Bak Kwa

Both spicy and non-spicy flavours leave you wanting for more!
Meat used : Selected part of the pork – sliced in pieces.

Minced Meat Bak Kwa

Meat used : using minced pork and made to the shape of a square
Non spicy / Spicy

Golden Coin

small round bak kwa that resembles the shape of a coin. Popular item off the shelves during Chinese new year
Meat used : Chicken or Pork

Pork Floss

Best taken with plain porridge. A favourite among children.

Mushroom Chicken/Pork Bak Kwa

Made with Fresh Organic Mushrooms, each slice of it is guaranteed to contain 30% of mushroom bits. It is a great choice for all high cholesterol patients as this flavor is lower in cholesterol in comparison to the regular traditional ones.

Salt-Baked Drumstick

Juicy tender chicken drumstick baked with natural coarse sea-salt. Baked to perfection, locking in the natural flavour of the chicken meat. (Rice not included)

Okara Floss

"Okara or Soy Pulp is a pulp consisting of insoluble parts of the soybean, which remains after pureed soybeans are filtered in the production of soy milk and tofu.It is generally white or yellowish in color. It is part of the traditional cuisines of Japan, Korea, and China, and since the 20th century has also been used in the vegetarian cuisines of Western nations." Mixed with seaweed and sesame seeds, the flavours of the soybeans are enhanced.